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COVID-19 has forced many businesses around the world to re-think their approach when it comes to marketing. The Pandemic has cancelled events, restricted movement and seen an end to face to face contact. Even as we start to exit the lockdown, economic slowdown is inevitable, leading to many business to cut back on marketing spend.

However, halting marketing efforts is simply not an option for businesses if they are to survive. In fact, research going back over a century suggests businesses that continued to advertise during a recession faired better than those who didn't.

Continued marketing during an economic slowdown has many benefits:-

  • Increased brand visibility as other companies decide to reign back their marketing spend, leading to decreased 'noise level' in a brand's product category.

  • Brands can project a level of stability during the ongoing crisis, and reassure customers that they're still operating as normal and can be relied upon.

  • Marketing will generally be cheaper, as brands seek to take advantage of better advertising rates.

  • Brands that advertise during a slowdown are more often remembered by customers once the economy begins to improve.



Video is a unique marketing tool in that when executed well, potential customers are given an opportunity to get to know a business on a personal level, in ways that other types of marketing just can't offer. 

Viewers are spoken to directly by members of the businesses' team, given detailed tours of the companies premises and get to know the products they offer intimately. This builds trust in the customer's mind, at a time when reassurance that a company can still deliver is vital.

There are various strategies businesses might employ to get their message across:-

Let customers and partners know what you have going on and what you have planned for the future. Regular content will keep them mindful of your business.

Host your webinar, AGM or even entire conference online, with key speakers filmed in a professional studio, and participants contributing from all around the world.

Let customers, staff and partners know how COVID has affected your business and team members. Then let them know what procedures and safety measures you've put in place to guarantee safe operation.

Produce online training courses for your products that might have otherwise been demonstrated in person.


Throughout the lockdown and now as we start to get back to normality, Splice Films has been helping our customers maintain the connection with their audiences, even if they can't be there in person.

If you're unsure on how to proceed or want some ideas on how video can help you, we'll be happy to discuss potential solutions under no obligation. We know finances will be tight, that's why we're committed to being able to offer solutions for any budget.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business stay connected.

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